Building On Your Lot

If you have already found that perfect piece of property for your new home, Marr Quality Homes wants to build it for you. If you are still looking, our real estate specialists can help you find the ideal property.


When building on your own lot, there are some initial steps to keep in mind – all of which Marr Quality Homes can help with!


  • Get a feel for the property – identify the best space to lay a foundation and assess any site factors that could impede the building process like water flow, drop offs, or steep grades. Identify and flag trees that you want to try and save. Think about how best to position your home for sunlight and privacy and to save the trees you have flagged. Depending on the size of your property, you may even want to hire a drone photographer to get an overhead view of your property.
  • Determine utility services – you will need to identify what utilities can and need to be run to the property including water, sewer/septic tank, electric, etc.

Consulting with us early on can potentially save you time and money, as we will be able to point out potential issues and workarounds. One of the biggest reasons to involve us sooner is to help identify conditions below the sod that can cause unexpected costs later in the building process.

Key factors to consider when picking land for new construction:

  • General Condition of the Land
  • Zoning Laws
  • Availability of Utilities
  • Grading of the Property and General Land Terrain
  • Costs to Prepare the Land for Building
  • Access for Ingress/Egress
  • Wetlands and Flood Zones
  • Expected Property Taxes
  • Use of Neighboring Properties